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Pilates is a safe low impact method of body conditioning, it is based on specific exercises and methods that help develop tone, strength, flexibility, posture and correct use of the body.

Pilates Classes Kingston

The Method of Pilates

Pilates works with both the mind and body. Pilates integrates concentration and breathing effectively with precise, controlled movements. All major muscle groups are worked on during our Pilates classes, including the smaller important ones that are deep within the body, likened to the nuts and bolts holding the bone structure together. These “core” muscles are the ones that are often neglected in conventional exercise.

Most people who are familiar with Pilates know it as a popular system of exercise that is based around mat work. However, the creator of Pilates Joseph H Pilates originally developed Pilates as a series of exercises for both mats and specific equipment. Modern Pilates equipment is designed to target isolate and work specific muscle groups through resistance training.

Results and Equipment Benefits

The result is that training with Pilates equipment under the guidance of an experienced instructor can produce better and faster results by eliminating haphazard and counterproductive exercises that do not specifically produce the desired training result. When starting Pilates the equipment assists you and as you progress it is set to challenge you. By adjusting the equipment an individual can progress toward achieving a previously impossible or difficult movement. For more information about the key benefits of Pilates please click here.

Our Commitment

At our Pilates Studio based in Kingston we are committed to only providing the very best in Pilates training. Using our state of the art Pilates equipment we will help you through your exercise program at every stage. Our classes only ever have a maximum of 2 clients in a session, this allows us to give the maximum level of attention to the training of our clients and help them produce the very best results they are capable of.

For more information about Pilates or to book an appointment at Spinalis Pilates Studio please call Christine on 07947 013 824.

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Arrange your FREE “Discover Equipment Based Pilates or Gyrotonic®” class

In this exciting 1 hour session we will work together to find out what you would like to achieve and how we can tailor your training to meet your personal fitness goals.

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Why not try Gyrotonic®...

Gyrotonic® is an exciting exercise system based on the principles of tai chi, yoga, swimming, and dance. The uniqueness of the system is that it stretches and strengthens at the same time with minimal effort.

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