Spinalis Pilates Studio, Kingston upon Thames

Spinalis Pilates Studio is a small private studio located in Kingston upon Thames offering the very best in Pilates and Gyrotonic® training.

Our comfortable and intimate studio is well equipped with a wide range of high quality Pilates exercise equipment to help you achieve the very best results you are capable of.

As we believe in only giving the very highest level in tuition. The Studio only offers sessions based on 1 or 2 people. This allows us to give the maximum amount of attention to our clients.

Christine Carter

About Christine Carter

Chris is the owner and main Instructor at the studio, with over 7 years of Pilates experience she is one of the most experienced Pilates instructors in London and has helped achieved amazing fitness results for hundreds of clients.

She is certified as an Advanced Pilates Instructor for Mat Work and Pilates Equipment, originally trained by Alan Herdman. Chris is also a certified Gyrotonic Expansion System instructor, certified by Julio Horvath (the creator of the Gyrotonic method).

She is also a member at highest level of the Register of Exercise Professionals, which includes Remedial/Clinical Pilates.

Chris came to Pilates and the Gyrotonic method from a life time of studying movement and fitness.

Starting out as a professional Contemporary Dancer, she personally knows what it takes to train and achieve the highest levels of fitness. Later in her dancing career she became a teacher, trainer and choreographer.

She has instructed and trained dancers in professional organisations such as Rambert Dance Company, Royal Ballet School, London Contemporary Dance Company and school.

Having seen and experienced firsthand the huge benefits that Pilates bought dancers, she now applies her vast amount of experience in knowing exactly how to achieve the very best for each individual to all her clients at the Spinalis Pilates Studio.

For more information about our services or to book an appointment at Spinalis Pilates Studio please call Christine on 07947 013 824.

Pilates is a safe low impact method of body conditioning, it is based on specific exercises and methods that help develop tone, strength, flexibility, posture and correct use of the body.

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Gyrotonic® is an exciting exercise system based on the principles of tai chi, yoga, swimming, and dance. The uniqueness of the system is that it stretches and strengthens at the same time with minimal effort.

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